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Title I Math Teacher (21)

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TitleTitle I Math Teacher
Posting ID21

Role: Title I Math Teacher   

Location: Graduation Achievement Charter High School  

Reports to: Director of Instructional Leadership

Direct Reports: None  

FLSA Status:  Exempt  


Job purpose: 


This position is a one-year Title IA grant funded position to be renewed each year based on availability of funds. This instructional support staff member is responsible for supporting Title I students in math achievement, facilitating subject-specific online coursework.  Title IA allowable duties as assigned by the Director of Instructional Leadership include providing online instruction and coursework to Title I students to cultivate math achievement by providing support in completing coursework in math.  The Title I Math Teacher will monitor student progress in math courses and will provide weekly reports on instruction provided to Title I students, including what skills were worked on and any other data collected with regards to mathematics courses.  The Title I Math Teacher will assist Title I students in scheduling online tutoring with instructors for math work that is beyond the ability of the Facilitator to provide assistance.  This is a full-time, year round position.  Some travel may be required, including overnight.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Work as directed to support the goals of Georgia Online Academy, Inc., management and team
  • Instructional Support and Student Achievement
  • Initiate and strengthen relationships with students 
  • Be able to navigate the GACHS Math curriculum within the online platform
  • Supplement and reinforce the Math curriculum with online and offline materials and activities 
  • Use information generated from the student’s performance to make data-driven decisions for delivering tutoring.
  • Professional Responsibilities
  • Participates in orientation, training, social and educational activities, field trips, and clubs for students and families
  • Commit to the use of cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality instruction to students
  • Build community by contributing to school message boards, newsletter, and events 
  • Participate in staff meetings and professional development sessions
  • Communicate with colleagues and supervisors on a regular basis
  • Maintain confidentiality as required by the school and by law
  • Additional duties as assigned


Key Relationships:

  • Internal: Instructors, Title I Staff, Center Leader, Testing Coordinator 
  • External: Parents/Guardians, Students

Key Behavioral Competencies:

  • Personal Accountability - When committing to do something, does it decisively, responsibly and with urgency.  Can be relied on consistently, including: 
  • Demonstrates a strong sense of urgency through prioritizing and following through on commitments
  • Drives hard to meet and frequently exceed goals and objectives within tight timeframes.

Decision Making:

  • Makes timely decisions
  • Able to use best judgement practices and/or makes commitments with a consideration for risks, conflict, uncertainty, available courses of action as well as the needs and values of others. 


  • Responds to change with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new ways of working. 
  • Seeks new skills, behaviors and knowledge to increase personal performance capabilities.


  • Establishes rapport with people easily
  • Develops and maintains a network of contacts who can provide information, help and access to others.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree, Georgia 6-12 Math certification required
  • Experience tutoring or participating in an e-learning/online learning course preferred
  • Strong written and oral skills demonstrated by a writing sample
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook
  • Proficiency with multimedia communication tools, such as discussion boards, web logs, email, instant messaging and online meeting tools
  • Ability and availability to travel within the state as needed, including overnight
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment 
  • Bachelor’s Degree required  
  • Experience: Minimum of 3 years successful work experience in working with high school students  
  • Working knowledge of appropriate strategies for reducing behaviors that put students at risk of not graduating from high school 
  • Ability to analyze, develop, implement, and track intervention plans and strategies 
  • Knowledge of and the ability to analyze data, including that available from the Georgia Department of Education, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, and from other sources 
  • Must have an understanding of the multiplicity of social services available in the community to support students at risk of not graduating 
  • Ability to apply critical thinking skills in rendering solutions to various issues 
  • Ability to work with collaborative teams 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills needed to work effectively with students, parents, administrators and staff 
  • Excellent organizational skills 
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal 

Working Conditions:  

  • Normal office environment 

Physical Demands:  

  • Routine physical activity associated with normal office environment 
  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment  
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationAugusta Center

Applications Accepted

Start Date08/02/2017
End Date10/04/2017