The Graduation Coach is someone who is engaged in high school graduation assistance activities, including but not limited to working with students, school faculty and staff, parents, and guardians. The Graduation Coach will provide assistance to all high school students, individually and in groups, regarding high school graduation and completion, including but not limited to analyzing data to identify students or subgroups with potential high school graduation problems; planning, implementing, and tracking individual high school graduation plans; identifying and resolving barriers to graduation; and facilitating career choices and planning. Main Responsibilities:
  • Employs a profile of characteristics of potential dropouts to identify high school students with a high probability of not graduating
  • Develops and implements individual intervention strategies to increase the likelihood that these students will stay in school and graduate
  • Works with students to develop a graduation and achievement plan to include the best program to meet academic and post-secondary goals
  • Works with faculty and administrators to adapt or offer curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of identified at-risk students;
  • Identifies and links area social agencies with youth at risk of not graduating and their parents/guardians
  • Provides students with appropriate career and post-secondary preparation, programs and services
  • Develops a “Graduation Team”, or similar team that exists in the school, for each identified student that minimally includes an administrator, two teachers, a counselor and/or school social worker/school psychologist or a representative from a local support or mentoring agency
  • Connects individual students and their parents with appropriate credit or course recovery options, as appropriate.
  • Conducts an analysis that focuses on data for individual students and subgroups such as: State Standardized Tests: GA Milestones; National Standardized Tests: SAT and ACT
  • Develops local mentoring support with business partners and connects individual students with mentors
  • Tracks the progress of individual and subpopulations of students as they progress toward graduation
  • Provides training to parents of students identified as being at risk of not graduating
  • Provides training to Graduation Achievement Center staff on support measures that work with youth identified as at-risk of not graduating and the youth’s parents/guardians
  • Develops partnerships with community organizations to support the goals of the high school graduation initiative
  • Conducts and analyzes on-going formative and summative evaluation data of the program
  • Provides and/or submits reports to the System and GA DOE as scheduled and requested Essential Duties And Responsibilities The Graduation Coach shall work to improve graduation rates for all population subgroups within the school by performing the following duties and responsibilities
  • Utilize the components of a profile of characteristics of potential dropouts with the high probability of not graduating;
  • Monitor progress of students scoring significantly below proficiency levels;
  • Develop and implement individual intervention strategies to increase the likelihood that these students will stay in school and graduate;
  • Track the progress of individual and subpopulations of students as they progress toward graduation;
  • Conduct vertical team meetings among middle and high school faculty and staff to develop action steps to improve individual student and subgroup transition success rate;
  • Provide and/or submit reports to the Superintendent on the graduation status of seniors; Key Relationships: Internal: Graduation Achievement Instructors, Special Education Teachers, Title I Teachers, Center Coordinators External: Parents/Guardians, Students, GaDOE Key Behavioral Competencies:
  • Personal Accountability - When committing to do something, does it decisively, responsibly and with urgency. Can be relied on consistently, including:
  • Demonstrates a strong sense of urgency through prioritizing and following through on commitments
  • Drives hard to meet and frequently exceed goals and objectives within tight timeframes.
  • Decision Making
  • Makes timely decisions
  • Takes bold, decisive action or makes commitments, despite risks, conflict or uncertainty, after considering the available courses of action and the needs and values of others.
  • Adaptability
  • Responds to change with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new ways of working.
  • Seeks new skills, behaviors and knowledge to increase personal performance capabilities.
  • Relationship-Building
  • Establishes rapport with people easily
  • Develops and maintains a network of contacts which can provide information, help and access to others. Background:
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree required
  • Certification/Licensure: Must hold teaching or service certificate in any field
  • Experience: Minimum of 3 years successful work experience in working with high school students
  • Working knowledge of appropriate strategies for reducing behaviors that put students at risk of not graduating from high school
  • Ability to analyze, develop, implement, and track intervention plans and strategies
  • Knowledge of and the ability to analyze data, including that available from the Georgia Department of Education, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, and from other sources
  • Must have an understanding of the multiplicity of social services available in the community to support students at risk of not graduating
  • Ability to apply critical thinking skills in rendering solutions to various issues
  • Ability to work with collaborative teams
  • Excellent interpersonal skills needed to work effectively with students, parents, administrators and staff
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal " />
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