Role: School Counselor  

Location: Graduation Achievement Charter High School  

Reports to: Director of College and Career Readiness

Direct Reports: None  

FLSA Status:  Exempt 


Job Summary


The School Counselor is a certified education professional whose primary role is to guide the student towards academic success, social development and overall preparation for their post-secondary pursuits.  They will serve as coaches, mentors and motivators, at the same time ensuring that each student under their care receives a customized learning experience, by utilizing all available instructional resources to ensure success. The School Counselor, in serving as the primary point of contact for the student and family, is responsible and advocates for the student’s overall academic and professional well-being while enrolled at Georgia Online Academy, LLC. The School Counselor interacts synchronously and asynchronously with the student through a variety of methods, e-mails, and phone calls, and face-to-face meetings at the learning center as well as occasional events. 


Main Responsibilities

Professional Responsibilities

Key Relationships

Key Behavioral Competencies

Decision Making

Customer Service Orientation




Working Conditions:  


Physical Demands: